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iKnowWare, is a Georgetown, Texas, based company that provides Software as a Solution (SaaS) applications to businesses in a variety of industries, including a range of specialized solutions in the emerging mHealth (mobile health) industry. Development started in 2002 after the founder, Mark Spilotro, left Oracle. In 2006 the iKnowWare business management platform went live.

The iKnowWare business management platform is more than Customer Relations Management (CRM). With iKnowWare companies can easily manage their operations, including CRM, from nearly any Internet connected device. Using patent pending technology to drive a unique messaging system and mobile views of information, iKnowWare provides a single sign on environment to manage Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, Distribution, and Clients with the ability to be adapted to serve the unique needs of specific industries and languages. Industry specific solutions have been created for construction, manufacturing, logistics, services and insurance.

The new mHealth adaptation provides the secure, HIPAA compliant, link between patients and medical industry professionals. The segment is projected by IDC to touch 14% of Americans in 2011, with HIPAA and regulatory compliance seen as a major inhibitor. With the HIPAA compliant security iKnowWare provides, carrier operators and device manufacturer partners will be positioned to capture a bigger share of this growing opportunity.

The SaaS model allows companies to "Pay as you Grow" (trademarked by iKnowWare), and enables the growing population of mobile workers to get their work done anytime, anywhere. The new mHealth solutions enable patients to manage information about their health anytime, anywhere.

iKnowWare is a U.S. based corporation that has received recognition from numerous sources since it began operation in 2006. AT&T certified iKnowWare as a solution for its customers in 2010. It was named a "Most Promising Company" for 2009 in America by Forbes Magazine, finishing in third place out of twenty finalists. Companies were selected to be finalists by a third party contracted by Forbes, The Venture Alliance (TVA), which did extensive background research, interviews, and product evaluations. Additional recognition for iKnowWare has come from key industry organizations including CTIA, the governing body of GSM, trade media, and mobile carriers like AT&T. Internet Telephony magazine selected iKnowWare as the 2008 Product of the Year Award in the category of Mobile and Enterprise Software as Service Business Productivity Suite.

The iKnowWare Strategic Partner Program is designed to produce strong recurring revenue for participating integrators and service companies and is actively seeking new members.

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