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Information Management software is used to organize, protect, retrieve, acquire, manage and maintain information. The amount of data that companies have to deal with has grown tremendously over the past decade, making the management of this information more difficult. The University of California at Berkeley claims the amount of information produced globally increases by 30 percent annually. An April 2010 Information Management article cites a survey in which nearly 90 percent of businesses blame poor performance on data growth. The survey concludes that for many businesses their applications and databases are growing by 50 percent or more annually, making it difficult to manage the rapid expansion of information. According to Julian Stuhler, director of Triton Consulting, data enterprise servers will “grow at a staggering 60 percent per year, resulting in 14 exabytes of corporate data by 2011.” Because of this Information explosion, IT companies have created technology solutions to help business manage this ever-expanding data.

HP Information Management Products and Solutions

HP's information management solutions are part of a full portfolio of HP Software Division offerings, including IT management software, business intelligence solutions and communications and media solutions. HP markets its information management software portfolio in two main categories, business continuity and availability, and governance and E-discovery.

Business Continuity has one main offering, the HP Data Protector software that automates high-performance backup and recovery from disk or tape to enable 24x7 business continuity. This software can be used any size business as it can grow from a single server environment to the largest distributed enterprise infrastructure.

Governance and E-Discovery solutions help companies meet the requirements of legal Electronic discovery and compliance regulations. The solutions meet the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) for capturing, classifying, preserving, finding, analyzing and recovering information. Products include HP TRIM Records Management System software for document and Records Management, HP Integrated Archive Platform for compliance archiving, and HP Clearwell E-Discovery Platform for legal analytics.

On April 5, 2011, HP Software Division announced a refresh and upgrade of its HP Information Management Software portfolio, including enhancements to HP TRIM Records Management System, HP Data Protector, Integrated Archive Platform, Database Archiving, HP Storage Essentials, and a number of IT consulting and professional services designed to help customers integrate and deploy information management solutions across the lifecycle, including capture, monitor, protect, retain, and find. The portfolio includes a methodology and the technology and services for companies and government organizations to use to create a holistic approach to information management. According to a Coleman-Parkes research study, the Information explosion experienced by enterprises has added complexity to an already-complex IT infrastructure and added additional cost and storage burdens in most enterprises.

User Groups

While it is not an actual "user group", the ITRC is an online forum about HP Software & Solutions products. A new user group, the HP Software Solutions Community, officially launched publicly in April 2010 and includes all former software-related communities. In June 2011, HP Software announced a new Discover Performance community and online resource center designed to serve IT executives and CIOs.


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