Cloud Web Hosting > > is a Limited Liability Company incorporated in Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union, a cloud web hosting provider. It operates in the international market, most its customers come from the European Union countries. is interesting with the fact that it is the first officially launched provider of cloud hosting based on cPanel server automation control panel. The company's virtual data center and physical infrastructure are located in 3DC data center, a telecommunication facility based out of Sofia, Bulgaria. As of January 2010 is one of the very few European hosts that operate cloud hosting infrastructure.

Cloud Computing Technology

The is a Linux, L.A.M.P cloud. It's clustered server infrastructure is built on the Red Hat Cluster Suite (RHCS) with a kernel-based VM virtualization layer. The company runs Fuscan Linux Cloud (Fuscan LBC) on top of RHCS. This is a cloud management technology of Single OS LLC, a U.S. producer of enterprise hosting automation software. runs cPanel/WHM on top of a load-balanced cluster of virtual and/or physical machines and to provide High Availability cPanel hosting services. The company's hosting architecture model is scalable up to 128 processing nodes. Its cloud hosting technology model is similar in concept to the Rackspace Cloud Sites, with automated redundancy.

Shared Cloud Hosting

The company's service can be defined as "Shared Cloud" or "Shared Cloud Hosting". Its system does not create isolated virtual instances. Cloud accounts are hosted on top of a cluster of servers and share the resources of the whole cloud. The system provides high availability, automated load-balancing, full redundancy and flexibility. uses external storage systems to host the data. All the data resides on Storage Area Network (SAN), replicated for redundancy.

The web hoster runs cPanel/WHM on top of its cloud infrastructure. The users do not deal with cloud specific operations and manage websites using the familiar interface of cPanel's "Domain Owner Panel". allows for IP load-balancing across the cluster of servers. The load-balancer automatically detects new IP addresses added in cPanel. The service (Load-balancer is a service in's infrastructure, not a physical device) configures the load-balancing for all services running on the customers' websites (IP addresses). In case of failure of any server part of cloud infrastructure, the load-balancer excludes the failed server from the operational group of processing nodes.

Reseller Cloud Hosting

The company's platform allows for reselling of a cloud hosting services. The Resellers use cPanel's "Root and Reseller Admin Panel" interface to manage websites. The Reseller level cloud accounts allows for load-balancing of the IP based virtual hosts.

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